Community Service

Community Service (Grades 7-10)
Bethesda Campus

Sidwell Summer offers a variety of Community Service programs on the DC and Bethesda campuses that provide hands-on service experience to participants to help build life skills. Campers will work with their peers and leaders on projects and activities. Campers will have time for quiet reflection and discussion about their experiences.

Campers in the Go Baby Go (GBG) Community Service program will be focus on mobility in children and how it can positively affect a child’s physical, cognitive, and social development.

During the morning, campers will have hands-on experience with children both mainstreamed and those with mobility and sensory challenges in a special camp setting.  Each GBG camper will be paired with a Lightening Ninja camper for the week to assist them in learning and executing skills in the morning Ninja Challenge program.

In the afternoon, campers will work in teams in the Sidwell Summer Go Baby Go garage building and modifying a car for child client.  Each team will review their client’s needs and specifications with a licensed Physical Therapist to make specific modifications for the car. The week culminates with a Drive Around event where the car recipients will take them for a spin! Watch Go Baby Go in action with founder Professor Cole Galloway.

Community Service hours: Vary based on week/service.

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2018 Dates
Week 1 July 9 – 13
Week 2 July 16 – 20
Week 3 July 23 – 27
Week 4 July 30 – August 3
Week 5 August 6 – 10
Full Day 9:00AM – 3:00PM
Full Day $310

Campers in the one-week, full day workshop will work in teams to modify cars for children in need, identified by Good Beginnings, our partner organization. After meeting the child and learning about his/her specific mobility challenges, each team will personalize and adapt a car, while working alongside experienced staff in physical therapy, neuroscience, and engineering programs.  Campers will review brain and child development milestones, discuss neurological impact of mobility, and brainstorm on various mobility solutions.  Campers will have the opportunity to shadow and interview Physical Therapists and graduate students as well as work with Go Baby Go engineers. Campers will reflect on the social justice issues surrounding mobility disabilities.

During the morning, campers will have hands-on experience with children both mainstreamed and those with mobility limitations in the Summer Ninja Challenge program, a special adaptive camp setting.

The week culminates with a Drive Around event where the car recipients will ‘drive’ on the race track while family and campers cheer them on!

Please note all personal items and clothing should be labeled with camper’s full name. Campers should dress appropriately for activities (e.g., comfortable and appropriate shoes, shorts, and t-shirts). Wednesday mornings are ‘wet’ activities so please wear clothes that can get wet, a towel and bring a change of clothes.

      • Backpack (for transporting lunch/ other belongings)
      • Water Bottle
      • Snack and Lunch. *Campers will enjoy pizza and Italian Ice each Friday at no cost to the camper. Camper should bring a lunch if they do not eat pizza.
      • Sneakers or closed-toed shoes
      • Sunscreen
      • Comfortable clothing/change of clothes
      • Wednesdays: Clothes that can get wet, change of clothes, towel

*In an effort to build the kind of community that is so integral to a memorable camp experience, we ask that cell phones, music players, e-readers, and personal gaming systems be left at home.


Drop Off: 8:45 – 9:00AM

Pick Up: 3:00PM-3:15PM

Please review the procedures below and let us know any of questions. We realize the process may seem overwhelming, but our families become pros after a few days and the flow of traffic works well.

Drop Off

Beginning at 8:45AM campers should be dropped off in front of the school’s Manor House, where camp staff will greet you. Camp staff will help open car doors and welcome your camper. Campers should arrive no earlier than 8:45AM. The parking garage located on Hampden Lane is for camp staff only. Please do not enter the garage. Parking spaces are available along the front drive and in the front parking lot if you would like to park and walk your camper to the proper meeting location. We recognize this is particularly appealing for parents of our youngest campers, especially the first couple of days of camp. In the event of a rainy day drop off, all campers will be escorted directly to their homebase.

Late Drop Off

If you arrive late to drop off your camper, please walk your child to the health office in the Manor House to check in for the day. All late arrivals will be escorted to their group by camp staff. Please make every effort to arrive before 9:00AM to ensure that your camper will have a full day at camp.

Pick Up

Early Pick Up

Please notify one of the program directors in advance by calling 202-537-2404 if you plan to pick up your child early from a camp program. Campers should be picked up directly from the health office in the Manor House and a parent or designated adult must check out with the camp staff before leaving campus in order to ensure the safety of all campers. Campers will not be permitted to wait alone, in the front of the school, or in other pick up locations.

*Note: For early pick up, please arrive before 2:00 PM. We cannot accommodate early pick ups after 2:00 PM due to carpool and scheduling constraints.*

Pick Up

Campers are escorted down the car lanes and along Edgemoor Lane at 3:00PM. This process has been negotiated between the school and the neighborhood. We would greatly appreciate if you follow the directions exactly. If you park illegally, your car may be ticketed.

Cars may begin parking in the driveway at 2:45PM and line up in two rows all the way down the driveway. Please do not arrive before 2:45PM. Once the driveway is full, cars line up on the side of Edgemoor Lane, closest to the school. Each driver must stay with his/her car. Please pull up directly behind the car in front of you so that we can fit as many vehicles as possible. If you are parked beyond the end of the fence that borders the soccer field and Edgemoor Lane, you must park and walk up to meet your camper at the end of the fence. We do not walk campers beyond the fence. There will be cones in the intersections to mark where cars may not be parked. We also have camp staff and campus security out on the road directing traffic to assist you, please follow their directions. If you are walking home, you should wait at the small gate at the end of field on Edgemoor Lane. We will walk your child to meet you.

At 2:50PM campers from all programs will gather in the carpool area. Please do not walk up and take your camper early. This can cause confusion as camp staff is working hard to make sure everyone is ready. A staff member will lead the campers by age and program (KaleidoKids, Kaleidoscope, Soccer, etc.) down the driveway, and then down Edgemoor Lane. We will walk all the way down the line of cars, stopping at the end of the fence that borders the soccer field and Edgemoor Lane. Once the campers have walked all the way along the fence, the counselors will return the remaining campers to the circle at the front of the school. Even though this may seem confusing, it works well if everyone follows these guidelines. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Late Pick-Up Policy

Any camper not registered for Camp ‘til Six and who is not picked up in the 15 minutes designated pick up window is considered a Late Pick Up. Late campers are taken to the camp office until a parent or designated person picks up the camper(s).

Late Pick-Up Fees: Our staff’s time is as valuable to us as the time of our families. Therefore, late pick-up fees are incurred at the end of the 15 minute designated pick up window. Payment is due at the time of pick up, no exceptions. Payments can be made by cash, check, or credit card in the office.  If a camper is picked up within 15 minutes of the designated pick-up time, it is a charge of $15.00. Campers picked up any later from the camp office are charged a late pick-up fee of $50.00. Please note charges are per camper and will apply to each child.

Please note: Late campers are not taken to the Camp ‘til Six program. This program is for pre-registered campers only. Campers who have not been picked up by the program closure time will be in the summer office for pick up. Serious infractions (either based on frequency of late pick-ups or duration of any single pick up) may result in dismissal from camp program.

All mandatory medical information is captured through the online application unless your camper lives outside the United States or US Territories. If your camper lives outside the United States or US territories the Immunization Form below must be completed and submitted prior to the first day of camp. Per State of Maryland Law, your camper will not be permitted to attend camp without the completed form on file.

Additionally, if your child has medication to be distributed while at camp, you would like the nurse to administer over the counter medications to your child during the camp day, or your child has allergies or asthma, please click here to access the necessary forms.