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Fashion Boot Camp (Grades 6-11)
DC Campus

From sketching and draping to sewing and modeling, watch your fashion dreams come to life in this 3-week, award-winning program! Aspiring designers will immerse themselves in the fashion world by learning how to execute a collection. A field trip to a local fabric shop will further teach and inspire our budding fashionistas. As an exciting culmination of the program, campers will have the opportunity to produce a runway show for their family and friends and model their designs. Our talented instructors will patiently guide and mentor each designer through this exciting and challenging process.

*No prior machine sewing experience necessary.

We also have a Counselor Assistant Program (CAP) for 9th-10th graders run by the Handwork Studio! More details can be found here.

See The Handwork Studio for more pictures and information!


Location: 3825 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington D.C. 20016

2018 Dates
3-Week Session July 16 – August 3
Full Day 9:00AM – 3:00PM
Full Day $1,970 (Campers should bring $100 of their own money for a shopping experience)
  • Design and sew a collection
  • Learn the secrets of the catwalk from a professional model
  • Shop to buy fabric and embellishments*
  • Produce a fashion show for family & friends
  • Connect with other aspiring teen designers

Please label all items with camper’s first and last name. Campers should dress appropriately for activities (e.g., comfortable and appropriate shoes, shorts, and t-shirts).

  • Backpack (for take home items)
  • Water Bottle
  • Lunch and snack in separate bags. Sidwell Summer provides pizza and Italian ice for lunch on Fridays. There will be break time in the mid-morning should you want to send a snack with your child.

*In an effort to build the kind of community that is so integral to a memorable camp experience, we ask that cell phones, music players, and personal gaming systems be left at home.

Drop Off:  8:45AM – 9:00AM

Pick Up: 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Drop Off

Beginning at 8:45AM campers arriving by car should be dropped off in the parking garage on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Rodman Street.  Camp staff will help open car doors and direct campers to their proper meeting location.  Campers should arrive no earlier than 8:45AM. Parking spaces are available in the parking garage if you would like to park and walk your camper to the proper meeting location.

Late Drop Off

If you arrive late to drop off your camper, please walk your child to the Sidwell Summer Office to check in for the day. All late arrivals will be escorted to their group by camp staff. Please make every effort to arrive before 9:00AM to ensure that your camper will have a full day at camp.

Pick Up

Early Pick Up

Please notify one of the program directors and the Sidwell Summer Office by calling 202-537-8133 or emailing if you plan to pick up your child early from a camp program. Campers should be picked up directly from the Sidwell Summer Office and a parent or designated adult must check out with the camp staff before leaving campus in order to ensure the safety of all campers. Campers will not be permitted to wait alone or in the front of the school or in other pick up locations.

*Note: For early pick up, please arrive before 2:00 PM. We cannot accommodate early pick ups after 2:00 PM due to carpool and scheduling constraints.*

Pick Up/Carpool Information

Campers are escorted to Zartman Circle, located on Wisconsin Ave. at 3:00PM.

Cars may begin entering the circle at 2:45PM. Please do not arrive any earlier as campers will still be enjoying the day’s activities. Each driver must stay with his/her car and the engine must be turned off. Please pull up directly behind the car in front of you so that we can fit as many vehicles as possible.  We will have camp staff directing traffic to assist you, please follow their directions. Counselors and staff will walk to campers to their cars so there is no need to exit your car.  If you are running late, please alert the Sidwell Summer Camp Office as early as possible. If you arrive after 3:30PM you will need to pick your child up from the camp office.

Please note: Older siblings are brought to younger siblings to allow parents easy pick up at only one location. Please pick up your campers where your youngest child’s pick up is located.

Late Pick Up Policy at the End of the Camp Day

At 3:30 PM, any remaining campers  are considered late pick ups. Campers are taken to the Sidwell Summer Office until a parent or designated person picks up the camper(s).

Late Pick Up Fees: Our staff’s time is just as valuable to us as our camp families’ time. Therefore, late pick up fees are incurred beginning at 3:30PM. Payment is due at the time of pick up—no exceptions. Payments can be made by cash, check, or credit card in the office. If a camper is picked up within 15 minutes of the designated pick up time, there is a $15.00 charge. Campers picked up between 3:45 – 4:00PM from the camp office are charged a late pick up fee of $50.00. Please note charges are per camper and will apply to each child.

*Note: Campers are not taken to the Camp ‘til Six program. This program is for pre-registered campers only. Campers will be in the summer office for pick up. Serious infractions—based on either frequency of late pick ups or duration of any single pick up—may result in dismissal from camp program.

All mandatory medical information is captured through the online application. However, if your child has medication to be distributed while at camp, you would like the nurse to administer over the counter medications to your child during the camp day, or your child has allergies or asthma, please click here to access the necessary forms.