Theater (Grades K-3)

Theater (Grades K-3)

  1 week sessions       1:00pm - 3:00pm       $235


Sidwell Summer is excited to offer afternoon theater workshops in partnership with Bethesda’s Imagination Stage. Each week will provide different imaginative acting opportunities ranging from Drama Detectives to Super Kids to the Rescue! Imagination Stage “fosters a creative environment for children to develop their skills in, and understanding of, the theatre arts in a fun and stimulating way. Classes also promote essential 21st century skills including empathy, persistence and resilience, creative problem solving, and innovative thinking.” You can enroll in our afternoon Theater classes on their own or pair them with one of our morning programs to create a varied and fun-filled day for your camper!

Dates, Hours, and Fees

2018 Dates
Super Kids to the Rescue Week 1: June 18 – 22
Kids in Space Week 2: June 25 – 29
Characters Take the Stage Week 3: July 2 – 6 (No Camp July 4)
Drama Detectives Week 4: July 9 – 13
Adventures on the High Seas Week 5: July 16 – 20
Fairytale Adventures Week 6: July 23 – 27
Magic Treehouse Adventures Week 7: July 30 – August 3
Disney Drama Week 8: August 6 – 10
$235 ($195 for 4-day week of July 2-6)
1:00pm – 3:00pm
Visit our Extended Day page for information about before and after care.

Adding AM Programs

Sidwell Summer has a number of morning options that can be paired with afternoon Theater to create a full day of camp fun for your child!  If participating in an AM program, campers will eat lunch with the AM program and then be escorted by staff to PM Theater.

AM options are listed below:

Fencing – (Grades 2-5)  Available Weeks 1 & 2.  Introduction to Fencing taught by Olympic champion focusing on basic sword skills and fencing principles. Click here for more information on this program. Fencing + Theater = $545.

Handwork Day Camp – (Grades K-6)  Available all weeks.  The Handwork Day Camp option includes fun sewing, knitting and crafting projects lead by the experienced Handwork Studio staff. New projects will be introduced each week! Handwork + Theater = $600.

Intermediate Chess - (Grades 2-8)  Available Weeks 1 & 2.  This class will challenge students to level up their chess thinking with advanced strategies pertaining to the opening, middle game, and end. Students will participate in an in-camp tournament, team up for special challenges, and even invent their own variant chess games.  Chess + Theater = $500.

KaleidoKids – (Age 3.5-Grade 1)  Available Weeks 2-7.  KaleidoKids is the day camp program that is specifically designed for our youngest campers. All of the KaleidoKids activities and workshops are designed to offer a balance of free play and enrichment.  KaleidoKids+ Theater = $550.

LEGO® Engineering – (Grades K-1)  Available all weeks.  This LEGO® experience is an original program designed by Play-Well instructors and each week’s program has a different theme. Click here for information on this program.  LEGO® + Theater = $545.

Ninja Challenge – (Grades K-5)  Available Weeks 4-8.  Using obstacle courses and active games, campers will jump, swing, climb, hang, leap, balance, and roll their way through multiple indoor and outdoor obstacles. Campers will even design some of their own obstacles! Click here for information on this program. Ninja Challenge + Theater = $550.

Ready, Set, Write!– (Grades 3-5)  Available Week 1.  Creative Writing class taught by Sidwell Friends Lower School teacher. Click here for more information on this program. Ready, Set, Write! + Theater = $500.

Soccer – (Grades K-5)  Available all weeks.  At Sidwell’s Soccer Camp, dedicated and professional coaches lead fun and challenging programs that enhance campers technical skills while fostering a love of the game of soccer. Click here for information on this program.  Soccer + Theater = $545.

Note: After registering for one of the above AM programs, select "Opt Out" and then register for PM Theater separately.

Program Descriptions

Super Kids to the Rescue! (June 18 – 22)
“Help! The city is in danger. Who will save us?” Join forces with fellow crime fighters, and you may just save the day! Discover that you can fly or travel at the speed of light as we explore classic and original super stories using our bodies, voices, minds, and imaginations. In a camp designed to boost our self-esteem and develop creative minds of heroic proportions, there’s no stopping our imagination as we embark on this great adventure.

Kids in Space (June 25 – 29)
3…2…1…Blast off to the moon! On our adventure we may meet some space aliens, discover a new planet, or chart new territory. Join forces with your fellow space travelers to fix the spaceship with our stellar problem-solving skills, or to make predictions about which planet our adventures will take us next. Bring along your star chart so we can be sure to get home again safely.

Characters Take the Stage (July 2 – 6)
Bring your favorite characters to life on the stage! Using theater activities such as ‘hot seat,’ ‘point of lead,’ and ‘character biographies’, campers develop an awareness of the pathways to creating character.  Familiar stories and original ideas are used as springboards for developing and portraying characters, which will help them to develop an understanding of the needs and wants that drive characters forward in a story. Using their bodies, voices, minds, and imaginations, students then make physical and vocal choices to illuminate their own characters onstage. 

Drama Detectives (July 9 – 13)
Get your magnifying glasses, because it’s time for some serious sleuthing! Together, we will use our bodies, voices, minds, and imaginations to solve mysteries that only truly creative detectives could conquer. Where did the queen’s diamond disappear to, who left those footprints in the garden, and what’s that sound coming from the museum? Help us close cases every day while we improve our active listening and attention to detail!

Adventures on the High Seas (July 16 – 20)
Ahoy, me mateys! Where shall we sail to today? Maybe we’ll go on a high seas adventure! Maybe we’ll voyage to Mermaid Island with Pirate Pete! Maybe we’ll sail through the Caribbean! Learn how to talk like a pirate and swim like a mermaid as we develop our problem-solving skills and a keen eye for hidden treasure. There’s no end to where your imagination can take you when your classroom transforms into a pirate ship.

Fairytale Adventures (July 23 – 27)
Ever wondered what might happen if the Big Bad Wolf ran into Cinderella, or if Little Red Riding Hood climbed up the beanstalk? Join us as we dive into all of our favorite fairytales and create brand new versions of them! Each day, our fierce fairytale conquests will promote self-esteem and bravery, while our kingdom gatherings will encourage active listening and teamwork. Our team of fairytale experts will use their bodies, voices, minds, and imaginations to create a world of adventure with dramatic play, music, movement, and visual art. Help us make “happily ever after” happen! 

Magic Treehouse Adventures (July 30 – August 3)
“What a curious thing! Where did that treehouse in the giant oak tree come from? It wasn’t there yesterday!” Inside the Magic Treehouse are some clues as to where we’re going today! Perhaps we will take a trip across the ocean to the Himalayas or a journey to the surface of Mars. Encounter some very interesting characters as we travel across the world using our bodies, voices, minds, and imaginations to tell each story. 

Disney Drama (August 6 – 10)
“What Who hasn’t dreamt of being Elsa as she creates her ice castle or Aladdin riding on his magic carpet? Your dreams can come true! All you need to do is wish upon a star! Using our bodies, voices, minds, and imagination, campers work together to act out their favorite Disney tales. Dance until the clock strikes twelve like Cinderella, or roar your loudest as Simba, all while using creative drama, music, movement, and visual art to bring these magical stories to life.