Explorer Day Camp (Grades 2–5)

Explorer Day Camp (Grades 2–5)

  1 week sessions       9:00am - 3:00pm       $445

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Explorer Day Camp is a unique program for campers entering Grades 2-5. Campers customize their daily schedules to create their ideal camp experience. Campers choose five workshops from a wide range of exciting options in the areas of arts, sports, academics, enrichment and more. It’s like 5-camps-in-1!

We believe that providing each camper with individual workshop choices as well as the opportunity to travel from workshop to workshop in a supervised manner promotes camper independence and fosters decision making skills and personal responsibility. Each workshop is created to provide a fun and enriching camp experience. Campers won’t leave empty handed! Their imaginative creations, fond memories, and life-long skills will carry them through to next summer.

It’s all happenin’ here in the Explorer Programs!

Dates, Hours, and Fees

2019 Dates
Week 1 June 24 – 28
Week 2 July 1 – 3 (3-day week, No camp July 4 + 5)
Week 3 July 8 – 12
Week 4 July 15 – 19
Week 5 July 22 – 26
Week 6 July 29 – August 2
Full Day 9:00am – 3:00pm
Extended Day Visit our Extended Day page for information about before and after care.
Full Day $445 ($315 for 3-day week of July 1-3)

Sample Daily Schedule

Time Activity
8:45am – 9:00am Drop-Off
9:00am – 9:35am Home Base (Collection on Tuesdays and Fridays)
9:35am – 10:25am Workshop 1
10:25am – 11:15am Workshop 2
11:20am – 12:00pm Lunch
12:00pm – 12:50pm Workshop 3
12:50pm – 1:40pm Workshop 4
1:40pm – 2:35pm Workshop 5
2:35pm – 3:00pm Home Base
3:00pm – 3:30pm Dismissal

Homebase – Explorer Day Camp participants will be assigned to a homebase upon arrival each Monday morning.  Each homebase will serve as a “homeroom group” for campers, allowing them to check-in with specific teachers and store their belongings in assigned classrooms.  Each homebase will play games and collaborate on weekly camp spirit activities.

*Please note that friend requests for homebases cannot be accommodated.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Workshops – Explorer Day Camp participants select 5 workshops to participate in for each week of camp.  All workshop content changes daily and weekly, so campers are encouraged to participate for multiple weeks!  Workshops are divided by rising grade so that lessons and activities can be planned specifically for each age group.  Check out the great workshops offered each week!

*Workshop Changes are available up to 12:00pm on the Thursday prior to the start of each camp session.*

Workshop Options

Workshops are available to campers entering the grades indicated in the parentheses next to the workshop names. (Example: (2-3) means 2nd-3rd graders are eligible for the workshop, (4-5) means 4th-5th graders are eligible for the workshop, and (2-5) means 2nd-5th graders are eligible for the workshop.)

Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Workshop 4 Workshop 5
Adventures in Science (4-5) Minute to Win It (4-5) Adventures in Science (2-3) Coding Kids (4-5) Coding Kids (2-3)
Floor Hockey (2-3) Floor Hockey (4-5) Sports and Games (2-3) Sports and Games (4-5) Minute to Win It (2-3)
Word Work (4-5) Fun With Numbers (4-5) Basketball (4-5) Baking (2-3) Word Work (2-3)
Musical Adventures (2-3) Amazing Race (2-3) Fun With Numbers (2-3) Basketball (2-3) Amazing Race (4-5)
Improv Theater (2-5) Scrapbooking (2-5) Waterplay (2-3) Sidwell Survivor (4-5) Sketching, Drawing, Shading (2-3)
Art Explorations (2-3) Art Explorations (4-5) Sketching, Drawing, Shading (4-5) Map Skills (2-5) Musical Theater (2-5)
Legos/ Inventors/ Jedi* (2-3) Chess (2-3) Acting (4-5) Acting (2-3) Legos/ Inventors/ Jedi* (4-5)
Cartooning (4-5) Board Game Mania (4-5) Chess (4-5) Cartooning (2-3) Crafty Corner (2-5)
Sidwell Post (2-5) Zumba (2-5) Sidwell Spirit (2-5) Engineering (2-3) Mythology (2-5)
Wizarding World (2-5) Cooking (2-3) Board Game Mania (2-3) Painting (4-5) Painting (2-3)
Hip Hop Dance (2-5) Soccer (2-5) Engineering (4-5) Shark Tank (4-5)
Spanish (2-5) Waterplay (2-3) Cooking (4-5) Baking (4-5)
Jewelry (2-5) Machine Sew a Stuffie (4-5) Sidwell Survivor (2-3)
Machine Sew a Stuffie (2-3) Yoga and Mindfulness (2-5)
Swimming** (2-5)

*Depending on the week, one of these three offerings will be taught (same teacher).

**This is a 3-period workshop. If chosen, it will take up Workshops 3, 4, and 5!

Workshop Descriptions

Acting – Learn the basics of acting including stage cues, script creating, script reading, prop/set design and more!

Adventures in Science – Dive into the amazing world of science! Get messy, build, create, problem-solve, and have fun while learning about the wonderful world of science.

Amazing Race – Use mental strength, physical toughness, and teamwork to complete a series of scavenger hunts and challenges.

Art Explorations- Engage in a variety of art activities through the use of different mediums and multi-media.

Basketball – Pass, dribble, and score your way to victory! Campers will refine their skills and learn the importance of teamwork and strategy.

Baking – Learn the fundamentals of baking, mixing, kitchen safety and more!  Campers are encouraged to try new foods and experiment with flavors in exciting ways.

Board Game Mania – Campers learn the importance of strategy as they play a variety of games working on deductive reasoning and teamwork. Scrabble, anyone?

Cartooning –  Create your own cartoon people, animals, superheroes, and more! Campers will learn to identify facial expressions and body shapes in cartoon form to bring their imagination to life.

Chess – Learn the fundamentals of chess or hone your skills by participating in serious play and fun variations.

Coding Kids – Let’s get digital! Campers have a blast working on laptops as they move at their own pace through the basics of coding, conquer team challenges, and create their own characters and games!

Cooking – Be a master of the kitchen while you chop, stir, measure, and saute your way to delicious food!

Crafty Corner – Explore color and design through the world of crafting! Camper imaginations run wild as they build, glue, weave, and more.

Engineering – Explore the field of engineering by working in teams to construct solar-powered cars, magnetic-levitation vehicles, catapults, hovercrafts, underwater robots, and whatever your mind can dream up!

Floor Hockey – Learn the fundamentals of how to play floor hockey including rules, passing, shooting, strategy, and more as campers progress to their daily scrimmages.

Fun With Numbers – Engage in a variety of independent and collaborative group work to refine math knowledge or be challenged with new material!

Hip Hop Dance – Learn to pop ‘n’ lock, slide, and throw it down in the hottest class on campus! Learn these styles and more as you work your way through original choreography.

Improv Theater – Put your creativity to the test in this workshop where teachers and campers will work to develop scenes incorporating a variety of actions, inactions, thoughts, and movements.

Inventors – Challenge your mind and your design skills by building airplanes,space capsules, rockets, catapults, and much more. Create simple machines to solve complex problems, complex machines to solve simple problems, and understand the question “why.”

Jewelry – Use a variety of materials to design beautiful pieces of jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, barrettes, and much more!

LEGOs – Design basic structures, build problem-solving skills, express creativity, and gain a greater appreciation for how things work by using hundreds of different LEGO pieces and sets.

Machine Sew a Stuffie – Kids will design and sew their own stuffed animal.  Learn the basics of machine sewing, pattern reading and design. Run by the talented Handwork Studio team.

Map Skills – Learn the fundamentals of maps including country locations, continents, map keys, legends, symbols, and the importance of maps through scavenger hunts, interactive games, and computer models.

Minute to Win It - Use your excitement and all the materials you can gather to tackle the 60 second brain-busters and challenges that will test your wit, creativity, and flexibility.

Musical Adventures –  Gallop, skip, march, and sing your way through musical activities that include folk dances, learning to play the soprano recorder, and many movement games. A variety of activities in every class insures success and a smile for every student.

Musical Theater – Sing, act, dance, and perform your way onto the Sidwell Summer stage by turning common texts into musical productions. Design the set, create props, and showcase your acting talent!

Mythology – Create your own myths, projects, narrative works, and more while learning about the humans and creatures of mythology.

Painting – Create works of art utilizing different styles of painting including impressionism, abstract painting, portrait painting, landscape painting, and more.

Scrapbooking – Capture those special moments! Get your creative juices flowing as you design unique scrapbooks that reflect your interests, hobbies, and ideas.

Sketching, Drawing, and Shading - Oh My! – Utilizing different artistic techniques to draw people, places, and depict events.  Learn how to break a picture down to a variety of lines to understand the step-by-step process of creating a work of art.

Shark Tank – Put your creativity and ingenuity to the test in this class designed to foster teamwork, public speaking, & imagination. Campers will be challenged to create products and services and present their creations to their class. 

Sidwell Post- Extra! Extra! Write, draw, and interview to create all aspects of our weekly Sidwell Summer newspaper!

Soccer – Pass, dribble, and shoot your way into this soccer workshop aimed to refine the skills of beginner to intermediate players.  Learn the importance of field spacing, strategy, and the role of teammates.

Spanish – Improve vocabulary and conversational skills through songs, puzzles, word searches, and interactive games.

Sports & Games – Learn how to play a variety of different sports and camp games while focusing on teamwork, fair play, and having fun. Games may include kickball, 4 square, ultimate frisbee, and capture the flag!

Sidwell Spirit – Campers learn to chant, cheer, tumble, and stunt as they show their camp spirit!

Sidwell Survivor – Work in teams to complete mental and physical challenges such as solving riddles, completing survival scenarios, and other challenges that take them all over campus to accomplish their mission.

Swimming – This 3-period workshop takes campers to the Bethesda Pool where they can splash around and enjoy a cool dip. There is no formal swimming instruction offered as part of this workshop. All swimmers will be required to take a swim test on the first day and may be restricted to certain areas of the pool based on swimming ability.

Waterplay – Enjoy the summer sun while playing in and on inflatable water slides, slip-n-slides, sprinklers, mini pools, sand boxes, buckets, and more.

Way of the Jedi – Join the Sidwell Jedi Order and protect the universe from the Dark Side! Campers will travel to far-off planets, create their own light sabers, learn the sacred Jedi oath, and even learn to use the Force.

Wizarding World – You have been accepted into the Sidwell School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Board the Explorers Express and come learn about Charms, Potions, and even Defense Against the Dark Arts. Find out where the sorting hat will put you!

Word Work – Find the joy of the written word! Using rap, short stories, poetry, and fiction, campers will identify the five elements of literacy and hone their writing skills. Maybe you could be the next J.K. Rowling!

Yoga & Mindfulness – Through yoga, journaling, and other mindful activities, campers will have the opportunity to increase their awareness of their body, mind, and the world around them.

Zumba – Get up and moving as you get fit with this dance-based exercise class. Enjoy upbeat Latin music as you progress through a choreographed workout routine.