How to use this website

Hi! I'm Alex Tapper and I built this website. I also wrote this guide. We're using a good amount of custom code to make it look fancy, as well as a lot of "Summary Blocks" to display camps on different pages in different groupings.

If anything breaks -- no worries! You have two options:

  1. Use the guides below and fix it yourself! I believe in you. 
  2. I'd be glad to help fix it with you. The fastest way to do that is by booking a video call (like Skype) with me.



Video Instructions

Overview Video

Learn about Squarespace and the structure of your website. 

Blogs (Camps) Video

Learn about the "Blog Pages" that we are using to display camps.


Learn how to add, change, or edit photos. 

Announcement Bar

Learn how to use the Announcement Bar. 

Break Something?

I'm here to help if you need! Just schedule a call on my calendar!