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The course is a standard treatment of many Pre-calculus topics. Areas of study include polynomials, exponents, logarithms, sequences, series, trigonometry, and polar functions. A TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator is needed for this course.

Mandatory Placement Exam for Pre-calculus: Due to the challenging nature of the rapid-paced summer Pre-Calculus course, we require all students to take a placement exam in order to determine their eligibility for the course. We want all of our students to enjoy a positive learning experience and having the necessary skills and background is critical for achieving success in the summer Pre-Calculus course. Students who find the placement exam to be too difficult should consider enrolling in Algebra 2, a course that will allow them to reinforce their skills in a second-year Algebra course.  ALL Pre-Calculus students must email Tom Donley, Director of Summer Studies, to schedule the mandatory Placement Exam. *The placement exam will take place at Sidwell Friends Upper School.

  • Age Requirement: Students entering grades 10-12.
  • Dates and Time: 6 weeks - June 18- July 27, 8:30am – 12:00pm
  • Instructor: George Watson
  • Text: PreCalculus with Limits, 3rd edition, By Ron Larson, Cengage Publishing, 2014, ISBN  978-1-133-96288-5. You can purchase the textbook through Sidwell’s virtual bookstore (MBS Direct), or through another vendor.
  • Tuition: $1,400


Safe Sitters

The ABCs of Child Development: In partnership with Safe Sitters©, campers learn safety skills, child care skills, first aid & rescue skills, and life & business skills. Campers are trained in the basics of CPR and choking rescue for young children and infants (although it should be noted that they are not ‘officially’ certified in CPR through this course). Campers also spend time observing and interacting with youth to practice the skills in the curriculum. Participants should bring a bag lunch daily.

Algebra 2 (STEP)

ALGEBRA 2 – In Algebra 2 students study the algebraic properties and graphs of real-valued functions and specific skills needed for working with applications. Previous work with linear relationships and systems is expanded, and, in addition, students study direct and inverse variation, quadratic and higher degree polynomial functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, inverses of functions, conic sections, and basic probability and data interpretation. The class is appropriate both for the student seeking additional review in Algebra 2 and for the student who, with a teacher’s recommendation, is undertaking summer study to accelerate.

Splash More

Splash More – (Grades 2-5) After lunch, campers will take a Sidwell bus to the Bethesda pool for free swim. There is no formal swimming instruction offered; therefore, campers should be comfortable in the water.  Ready, Set, Write! + Splash More = $430.